29/02/20241 Minutes

The Way Forward: Satellite and Cellular Convergence

The telecommunications industry is undergoing a seismic shift with the integration of satellite and terrestrial networks, marking a significant milestone in 3GPP 5G standardisation. This fusion isn’t just about technological progress but a game-changer reshaping the entire connectivity landscape. To stay competitive, providers must swiftly adapt, tapping into opportunities like IoT connectivity and bridging connectivity gaps in rural areas.

As business models evolve, seamless service delivery and collaboration are key. This includes extending coverage to underserved regions and catering to different customer bases. However, certain technology and regulatory hurdles remain, demanding cooperation among regulators, Satellite Network Operators (SNOs), and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

Despite challenges, the future is promising, addressing the digital divide remains paramount, with 70% of the planet still lacking communication infrastructure. The monetisation of 5G and the dawn of 6G underscore the increasing importance of satellite technology in global connectivity.

For insights into what lies ahead for Satellite and Cellular convergence, check out our panel discussion recording.