ITU Working Group

The ITU Working Group works to protect and enhance the use of existing satellite spectrum bands, and develop new satellite bands. It focuses on preparatory work for World Radio Conferences (WRCs), implementing outcomes of previous WRCs, and technical studies on compatibility between satellite and other services. The group works in ITU-R Working Parties, regional groups, and national committees, ensuring consistency, coordination, and representation of industry positions across regional (CEPT/ATU/ASMG/RCC/APT/CITEL) and sub-regional meetings.

Chair : Patrick Van Niftrik, SES
Co-Chair : Paul Deedman, Inmarsat
Co-Chair: Álvaro de Vega, Hispasat

Network & Services Working Group

The Network & Services Working Group promotes and fosters a better understanding of the satellite communications industry and brings attention to issues of concern. It seeks to preserve and expand the role of satellites the global development agenda; evolve and promote the role of satellites in 5G and 6G; define narratives, positions, and activities for the Association around the various service areas of satellite operators and around matters of current political importance such as cyber security, space policy, and space sustainability.

Chair : Jennifer Manner, EchoStar
Co-Chair: Simon Watts, Avanti Communications

Regulatory Working Group

The Regulatory Working Group leads engagement with regulators, international and regional bodies and ensures a comprehensive and harmonious industry response to consultations across all regions. It works on regulatory issues facing the industry concerning spectrum, licensing, market access, electronic communications frameworks and any other issues that may affect satellite services.

Chair : Cecil Ameil, SES
Co-Chair : Mohaned Juwad, Intelsat


Standards Working Group

GSOA is the “Market Representation Partner” for the satellite sector in 3GPP where 5G standards are set. 3GPP works on numerous items concerning NTN (non-terrestrial networks). The Standards Working Group coordinates member positions and ensures that GSOA gives political weight to drive forward Study and Work Items in 3GPP that are important for the integration of satellite with terrestrial networks. The Standards Working Group also works on other satellite standardisation matters and engages with other stakeholders (such as NGMN, the Next Generation Mobile Network Operators Alliance) to support the evolution of satellite standards and/or NTN matters within 3GPP.

Chair : Munira Jaffar, EchoStar
Co-Chair: Simon Watts, Avanti Communications
Co-Chair: Jorge García Hospital, Hispasat

Technology Working Group

The Technology Working Group’s evaluation and promotions remit has a few principal facets for both ground and space segment of the satellite ecosystem. One of the core initiatives is the Mutual Recognition Arrangement Working Group (MRA-WG), a consensus-based framework to improve the efficiency of satellite operators’ terminals type-approval procedures. Using this framework, once a type approval is provided to a manufacturer by any one of the participating satellite operators, other operators may mutually recognise the results of the tests conducted, so that the tests aren’t repeated unnecessarily.

Co-Chair: Colin Robinson, GVF MRA
Co-Chair: Gavin Cox, Global Invacom Group