GVF Training – Technical Training

GVF Training courses and certifications are the established global standard for satellite communications skills, covering operation, installation and maintenance of VSAT, marine, and mobile/SNG satellite terminals, in addition to general and specialized satcom theory. Students learn, practice, and are evaluated on their knowledge and skills with online, self-paced, interactive, simulator-driven training modules developed by SatProf, Inc. Hands-on skills testing, supplementary instructor-led training, and mentored classes are supported by GVF Training Examiners and Regional Training Centres located in every major region of the world. Learn more at gvftraining.org

Space Business Qualified - Non-Technical Training

GSOA has partnered with leading industry education content providers SSPI and SatProf to provide a comprehensive understanding of the business of space today and tomorrow. Taught through a mix of self-paced, interactive tutorials, videos, illustrations, and testing to validate understanding and reinforce learning, course content is on the concept and business level rather than depending on in-depth knowledge of math, physics or engineering because it aims to equip students for success in the business of space and satellite. Learn more at spacebq.org