Since the moon landing, satellite TV has driven the viewing of digital TV channels in every country of the world, so that today they can even be received on multiple devices in the home simultaneously.
Across the world, Television allows us all to witness events as they happen, connecting people of many cultures and countries with news, educational, and entertainment programming. Satellites are the largest, most advanced and most important supplier of capacity for distribution of digital, HD programming, Ultra HD and more to points throughout the globe.
Satellite applications are a significant link in the chain that delivers television programming to millions of people around the globe. In addition to Direct-to-Home applications, satellite offer an efficient and secure way to transmit video, providing ‘backhaul’ for programmers and news teams to gather and transmit the footage that ultimately winds up on our television.

Satellite capacity is also used to distribute programming to cable headends. In this process, cable headends receive satellite signals and then transmit them seamlessly over regional and local cable networks. In distributing these satellite signals, these cable headends allow the provision of local content alongside national and international programming.
Currently, Ultra HD provides a completely unprecedented viewing experience. Satellite broadcasting is the ideal and indeed only way to provide Ultra HD, as it delivers sufficient bandwidth to all the DTH, cable and IP TV homes it serves. Satellite technology allows Ultra HD to be easily distributed to millions of homes over the coming decades in the same way it has driven HD to become the de facto standard in digital TV today.

How you get your TV signal

  • The signal is received via a satellite dish and a low noise block downconverter/LNB (receiving device mounted on your satellite dish that collects the radio waves from the dish) and fed into your home
  • A satellite receiver in your home – that can either be an external set-top box or built into your TV tuner – decodes the desired TV programme for viewing on your TV screen
  • You enjoy a wide range of channels and services in standard, high-definition or ultra high-definition format.