27/03/20241 Minutes

Next-gen Antennas: Multi-orbit, Multi-network – Defining New Standards

Following the impactful roundtable discussion organised by SIG and GSOA at SATELLITE 2024, the conversation on the future of Flat Panel Antennas (FPAs) gains further momentum. We are bringing the dialogue to a virtual environment and wider audience, to delve deeper into the pressing need for collaboration among operators and component manufacturers to establish a common framework for FPA requirements and performance standards.

Central to the discussion, is the stark realisation that the lack of progress towards establishing ESA standards jeopardises the satellite industry’s multi-orbit ambitions. The timely approval of electronically steerable antennas (ESA), crucial for tracking satellites across orbits without causing interference, relies on the industry’s ability to adopt standardised FPA protocols.

The GSOA Technology Working Group’s efforts to streamline manufacturing and regulatory requirements are highlighted as essential steps toward developing a cost-effective system for ESA validation.

The unanimous consensus reached at the roundtable at SATELLITE underscores the imperative for industry stakeholders to unite in their pursuit of standardised FPAs. Only through collective efforts can the satellite industry secure its future viability in the multi-orbit landscape.Webinar Registration