12/02/20241 Minutes

Satellite Industry🛰 Adapting to Market Dynamics

The satellite industry is experiencing significant shifts due to evolving market dynamics and emerging technologies. As market demands evolve, satellite service providers face the challenge of navigating this transformative period. One key strategy emerging is the convergence of GEO, MEO and LEO satellites to meet diverse user needs. End users prioritise seamless connectivity and expect service providers to handle the technical aspects of satellite orbits.

To succeed in this evolving landscape, the satellite industry must find unique value propositions in space. Collaboration with terrestrial operators is also essential. Integrating satellite services, particularly in complex software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions, offers many opportunities for convergence. This integration allows terrestrial providers to include satellite services in their offerings to end-users, ensuring seamless connectivity across diverse environments.

Cost remains a crucial factor in expanding satellite access. Innovations in satellite technology contribute to lowering costs over time. Adopting standards that facilitate development on both hub and remote modems can also significantly enhance affordability and accessibility. By making satellite services more cost-effective, more people can benefit from satellite connectivity.