03/11/20231 Minutes

Satellite🛰 A Key Part of the Equation to Bridge the Digital Divide

In the previous two decades, there has been significant progress in getting the world online. This was highlighted during the pandemic, when we all discovered that without internet, we could not access healthcare, education, financial services, or even the capacity to work. However, 2.6 billion individuals are still not online, whether due to access, affordability, or usability.

Substantial parts of the world rely on satellite connectivity because there is no terrestrial infrastructure in place. New business models demonstrate increased cross-industry collaboration – not only with satellite providers in all orbits (GSO/NGSOs), but also with terrestrial operators, which will expand with the integration of NTN & TN, especially crucial given the increased IoT services and innovations such as Satellite Direct-to-Device.

Ultimately, the best solutions are found in combining the strengths of several technologies to lower costs while providing stronger resilience and more access to a far larger number of users around the world.

With the fast-paced development of the satellite industry, it is important that future decisions from policymakers are informed by a future-looking strategy rather than short term fixes.

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