30/06/20201 Minutes

The Satellite Industry’s Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

GVF Webinar Series in Association with Satellite Evolution

Discussion during the first of a series of GVF webinars in association with Satellite Evolution, and joined by an audience located on all continents, focused on various facets of the satellite industry’s response to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

In considering the impact that the coronavirus has had on the satellite ecosystem GVF and training partner SatProf offered perspectives on changes in the industry’s business landscape, and lessons learned from the pandemic in respect of how the industry has repositioned itself to meet this major challenge.

Examples were explored which included: the impact of migration to working from home and associated shifts in network traffic demands; the industry’s provision of particular services to meet the needs of patients, medical personnel and other frontline workers; responses to mitigate supply chain disruptions; the role of government; satellite’s continuing role in delivering responses to COVID-19 and parallel humanitarian crises; and, innovations in training pertinent to the circumstances of the pandemic.

If you missed the live event on 21 May 2020 you can watch it now to hear in which ways satellite communications industry is responding to the pandemic.