30/06/20202 Minutes

The Satellite Integral Factor II: Will Working from Home Render the Cloud a Different Animal?

In asking the question, “Will Working from Home Render the Cloud a Different Animal?” this latest in the series of GVF Webinars was concerned with two essential issues. One, understanding how the satellite industry’s fundamental recognition of the value of innovative Cloud partnerships has evolved into a strategic imperative for the industry; two, the extent to which the new, pandemic-driven, WFH paradigm has impacted the strategy.

The essential conclusion of the dialogue between representatives of Hughes, SES, and ST Engineering iDirect was that leveraging a combination of the various drivers – optimisation of reduced operational costs, increased business agility and flexibility, maximisation of new revenue opportunities, and enhancement of existing services together with development of new services – of an increasingly elevated collaborative satellite-Cloud environment is essential for satellite companies to grow as successful businesses, and essential in bringing vastly improved service benefits for the industry’s customers.

The demands of WFH have demonstrated the fundamental resilience of satellite-Cloud operations, both in terms of how the industry has continued to successfully fulfill its mission to maintain service to customers, and in terms of how, to achieve this, companies have maintained seamless operations involving remote-working personnel.

In addition to questions from the moderator, questions from the webinar audience focused on tactical considerations such as the impact of social and national lockdowns, as well as international travel restrictions, on satellite companies capacity to deal with network or equipment problems. It was pointed out that the increasing use of the Cloud is enabling remote resolution to many network issues and that the presence of locally-based personnel enabled equipment issues to be quickly resolved.

If you missed the webinar “live”, you can catch-up with the complete, wide-ranging, dialogue here.

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