18/06/20213 Minutes

Planes, Trains, Automobiles & Ships: Satcoms-on-the-Move

This Euroconsult-moderated panel discussion examining potential exponential growth in a new era of satellite communications which emphasises unrestricted mobility over transportation networks whilst the user navigates the digital world, brought together speakers from ST Engineering iDirect, Marlink, Intelsat, and Comtech EF Data.

Users expect no limitation on exactly where to get access to the Internet, and this session explores:

  • In aircraft, passengers want high-speed, uninterrupted Wi-Fi capable of supporting streaming movies, social media and messaging, and bandwidth hungry work applications. Airlines want a robust platform to launch innovative connected services, including lucrative ancillary revenue generators, and broadband connectivity to the cockpit. SOTM terminals, or Earth stations in motion (ESIMs), provide broadband connectivity solutions.
  • High-speed rail networks are an expanding potential market for internet connectivity, and rail travellers’ demand for always-on connectivity is particularly high where cellular connectivity solutions are absent. Through rural/remote areas without terrestrial networks coverage, or where there is coverage high-speed trains move between cellular base stations faster than networks can handle location transitions, the solution is satellite communications based on low-profile, high gain antennas and network utilisation optimisation to overcome satellite delay and enable signal reacquisition when exiting tunnels.
  • The modern automobile is a sensor-laden mobile IoT device, with considerable on-board computing power and communication systems. All of these systems use cellular technology, among others. With growth of 5G-connected IoT solutions in the automotive space, the automotive industry will be a major market opportunity for 5G IoT solutions, solutions that we know will have a degree of satellite network inter-dependency for which the satellite industry is quickly gearing up.
  • Ship owners and operators are increasingly embracing digitalisation, enhancing use of information and operational technology, and of satellite as the broadband connectivity enabling technology. Satellite’s role at the core of maritime safety has been established for over 40 years. Satellite is also at the core of crew welfare, more so now with pandemic disruption necessitating fast, reliable and secure connectivity between ships and shore. For the cruise industry, passengers expecting connectivity throughout their cruise have their expectations met by satellites.

Find out what the panellists had to say about the technological advances which are the most impactful when it comes to providing satcoms-on-the-move, and on many more topics, by watching the video on-demand now.