18/06/20211 Minutes

Bridging the Divide: Enabling Affordable Business & Community Digital Connectivity

The panel features panellists from Kacific, Gilat Satellite Networks, SES Networks, and Optus in a moderator-led discussion exploring the digital divide as the product of many factors, two of particular significance being Connectivity and Affordability. Once characterised as primarily a developing world issue for low- and middle-income nations, the pandemic has underlined the degree to which access to affordable connectivity is actually needed everywhere.

Satellite has long been correctly seen a means of solving the connectivity problem as it can be deployed anywhere, and its coverage is ubiquitous. HTS technology has transformed the economics of satellite-based connectivity, increased capabilities of existing MEOs and a wave of LEO mega-constellations is adding yet more orbital resources, and satellite terminals for consumer-oriented solutions and business focused solutions are becoming more affordable. Satellite will continue to serve wherever broadband networks are needed to change the underserved into the well-served.

There are many fundamental questions directed towards understanding the principal barriers to serving those on the wrong side of any digital divide, and if you want answers watch the video on-demand now.