11/02/20223 Minutes

NGSOs: Not Just for New Entrants

This rescheduled webinar opened with a tribute to the late Simon Gray, whose sudden and tragic passing away on 24 February 2022 was marked by the decision to postpone the event from 24 February to today, 10 March. David Meltzer, GVF Secretary General, gave the tribute.

Moderator Brent Prokosh, Senior Consultant with Euroconsult, then opened the discussion with our three panellists from Hughes, SES, and Telesat covering questions both from Brent and from the live global audience from 56 countries.

A detailed dialogue examined market drivers, target market segments, combined multi-orbit GEO-NGSO offerings and key offering differentiators, competition/co-opetition factors, business modelling, ground segment-related strategies.

Questions of note sought to identify both company-specific and general drivers of involvement in the NGSO space by GSO operators, with particular reference to whether this was something under consideration prior to the arrival of players like OneWeb, Starlink, and Kuiper, or whether it was a reaction to their emergence.

Assessments were given regarding key factors, technologies and/or market requirements that have led to the emergence and acceleration of the NGSO constellation phenomenon, of the criticality of satellite adoption in the 5G ecosystem, and associated universal service funding programmes, to the success of NGSO systems, and to distinctions between different market verticals in terms of service requirements and service delivery.

Further discussion covered how different systems will work in the context of enabling combined multi-orbit GSO-NGSO offerings, and further, combinations of multi-system/multi-network offerings, the latter introducing the competition versus co-opetition between operators factor.

Panellists also offered their perspectives on their respective ground segment-related strategies, with particular reference to the hybridisation of GSO-NGSO services through new generation antennas/terminals.

If you missed the opportunity to listen to the dialogue live, you have not missed out. The video recording of today’s webinar, covering these, and other, issues, is available on this page and it joins the extensive archive of all previous webinars in the GVF series.

For those of you who knew, or knew of, Simon you may like to read GVF’s ‘In Memoriam’ notice. If you would like to leave remarks about Simon, you can do so at GVF’s LinkedIn page.