30/03/20222 Minutes

New Technologies, New Services

By bringing together companies like Astranis, which builds and operates small, low-cost telecommunications satellites with a bandwidth-as-a-service model to unlock previously unreachable markets; like Avealto, which connects unserved and underserved regions, with an infrastructure of lighter-than-air, solar-powered, and uncrewed High Altitude Platforms (HAPs); and like Omnispace, which is seamlessly uniting mobile and satellite to create the world’s only truly global 5G mobile network serving the needs of consumers, enterprise, governments, and IoT, any discussion of ‘New Technologies, New Services’ was bound to be off to a flying start.

This proved to be the case with a deeply informative dialogue, beginning with the general topics:

• “What in space technology excites you the most?”
• “How are your technologies meaningfully closing the digital divide?”
• “What are your observations on how new technologies work-through to become new businesses?”

Moderated by Caleb Henry of Quilty Analytics, the following panel discussion focused around a series of penetrating company-specific questions put to each of Christophe Bauer, Vice President, Commercial Sales, Astranis; Walt Anderson, CEO & Founder, Avealto; and Brian Pemberton, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Omnispace, with interesting and insightful answers

Additional questions from the global audience covered such issues as potential interference mitigation between GEO, MEO, LEO, and HAPs; how ground segment developments are complementary to the panellists’ companies technology innovations; and how the combined capacity of GEO, MEO, mega-LEO, and HAPs systems is likely to impact the current, and will impact future, capacity supply-demand relationship.

If you missed this important dialogue you haven’t missed out, you can watch the video below.