28/03/20231 Minutes

How to Access Capital in 2023

Panellists from investment institutions, an established LEO satellite operator and a New Space start-up undertook a detailed examination of space sector investment. Moderated by a partner at an international law firm with decades of experience in the space industry, the webinar began with an introductory overview looking at macro trends in terms of availability of capital and investments in the space sector – especially in the context of high interest rates and declining stock prices. Following the overview, panellists spoke to how today’s capital investors are increasingly focused on business fundamentals rather than just ideas and unproven technologies.

The panellists went on to explore topics such as variations on the archetypal capital raising processes for space start-ups, key takeaways and lessons learned from SPAC vehicles and de-SPAC transactions, the nature of the effect on investor perceptions of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank for the space industries, the impact of Virgin Orbit having filed for bankruptcy, and the role of strategic/corporate-linked investment funds such as Lockheed Martin Ventures, Airbus Ventures and the former Boeing HorizonX venture arm.

If you couldn’t watch this excellent webinar “live”, you can tune-in to the GVF archive here to watch the recording.