09/09/20202 Minutes

GVF @ ConnecTechAsia – C-band: Today & Tomorrow

Produced for original broadcast within ConnecTechAsia’s online virtual event platform on 30 September 2020, the video recording of this webinar is available here for your further consideration of the prospects of 5G technology – the economics, prosperity, and increased demand for telecommunication services – tempered by the very questions alluded to in GVF @ ConnecTechAsia – The Role of Satellite in 5G concerning competitive spectrum allocations, the doubtful compatibility of spectrum claims, and what decisions made in one ITU region may mean for debate and decisions in others.

This rationale behind this webinar is the exploration of the many uses of C-band capacity in today’s world. This has been a long-standing topic amongst all types of communications solutions stakeholders, but one that has again come to the fore through countless consultations about mid-band spectrum in forums around the world, all building up to WRC-23 where two agenda items place C-band front and centre.

For the representatives of a global satellite operator, a regional satellite operator, a global technology services company supporting video and audio content distribution, and the Indian space agency, the fundamental themes for discussion centred around the regulatory, technical and economic issues shaping the future of C-band communications.

Panelists discussed the risks of re-allocating a portion of C-band spectrum to promote the development of 5G services to large scale telecommunications infrastructure investments; a swath of video and business services; and mission-critical communications in aviation, humanitarian assistance & disaster response. These risks are significant and illustrate why C-band for satellite must be maintained. But, what of other impacts arising from the loss of C-band to satellite, impacts on countries and peoples wholly dependent on C-band which cannot so easily be gauged by recognised metrics, but are still central to the criticality of the argument? Given that pre-WRC-23 studies in EMEA and the Americas will consider identifying portions of the C-band for mobile services on a primary basis, you need to watch this video.