22/08/20231 Minutes

Interoperable Digital Standard: Is It Time?

Standards are critical to the telecom sector and have driven expansion in both the mobile and telecommunications sectors, including satellite, where we have interoperability between gateways and satellites using standards such as DVB and 3GPP.

The military is one of the primary user groups advocating for the adoption of digital standards to simplify interoperability for everyone involved in the ecosystem.

Solutions with hybrid network architecture, including LEO, MEO, and GEO, as well as the ability to swiftly adjust your network solution to seamlessly switch between waveforms, orbits, and constellations, are not in the future; they are already here. What is the price point for this change to become reality now, and who will drive the transition?

GSOA is cooperating with DIFI on standards certification and implementation. If you want to join the GSOA’s Technology Working Group or DIFI, please contact us.