NCC draft Consultation for Deployment of 5G Mobile Technology

ESOA welcomes the opportunity to provide comments to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) on the Draft Consultation Document for Deployment of Fifth Generation (5G) Mobile Technology in Nigeria.

Satellite-enabled services have enriched the daily life of millions of people around the globe for decades, by broadcasting news and events worldwide, by cost-effectively providing satellite-powered broadband directly to consumers, and by connecting urban, suburban, and rural locations in the air, at sea and on land. Together, we connect millions of people and devices for the benefit of consumers, institutions, businesses and governments.

The satellite has widely contributed to respond to the boost in data traffic worldwide over the past years by investing billions in designing and launching new space systems that are and will be, dramatically enhancing the performances of our communications platforms. We note that Nigeria has a very ambitious 5G deployment plan and timeline to initiate it within the next two years, and ESOA members genuinely believe that satellite can be critical in accelerating the advent of 5G in the country.

download the full doc, http://gsoasatellite.com/wp-content/uploads/2020-12-7-ESOA-contribution-to-NCC-Plan-5G.pdf, _blank