ESOA welcomes the new chair Evert Dudok, Executive Vice President of Airbus Defence and Space

Evert takes the helm of ESOA at a time when the telecoms eco-system faces tremendous challenges. Despite a push for complete connectivity across the world, harsh realties still exist: cyber threats are on the rise, natural and man-made disasters continue to impact telecoms systems and digital divides persist in developed and developing economies alike. Speaking after his election, he said: “Policymakers’ ambitions for the connected society can only be met if all telecoms stakeholders are resolute in their will to cooperate. Collaboration is the only way to leverage the strengths of different technologies and innovations that the diverse needs of a disparate society are met. I appeal to policymakers to foster a framework that provides certainty and incentivizes investment and cooperation between sectors. This is our vision for the future and I am determined to continue building on the achievements of my predecessor, Rupert Pearce, who so successfully showcased the benefits of satellite through ESOA”.

Stephen Spengler is Chief Executive Officer of Intelsat. He is a 30-year telecommunications and satellite industry veteran with experience in the media, broadband, government and internet sectors.

Khalid Balkheyour has been Vice-Chair of ESOA since 2015. With over 30 years of experience in the telecoms industry, Khalid Balkheyour has held the role of President and CEO of the Arab Satellite Communications Organization (ARABSAT) since 2003.

Aarti Holla, Secretary General of ESOA: “I look forward to working with Evert over the coming two years. Our industry needs a clear, united voice where we leverage the respective strengths of different operators to amplify our benefits. With his experience in heading satellite associations like Eurospace, Evert has an important contribution to make.”


About ESOA

ESOA is a non-profit membership organisation dedicated to serving and promoting the common interests of satellite operators from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the CIS. The Association today represents the interests of satellite operators who deliver information communication services across the globe. Together ESOA Members provide invaluable communications services to the whole world, including live broadcasting, emergency communications, maritime and aero communications, secure services for governments, 24/7 monitoring of industrial processes such as energy plants, weather forecasting and a whole range of other communications services.