DSA: The Satellite Industry calls for preservation of the fundamental principles of eCommerce Directive

It is relevant for established operators providing services in Europe and globally and also key for the growth of the space sector overall including newcomers and startups.This principle, along with other regulatory tools, provide a basis for innovation in and growth of the satellite sector.

The Limited Liability Regime: should not be compromised as practical means to ensure that illegal content or activity online is removed when the service provider is informed. It is equivalent to the long-established ‘Notice and Take Down’ principle that guarantees service providers cannot be held liable without actual knowledge of the illegality.

The Prohibition of a General Monitoring Obligation: should be maintained in the Digital Services Act, avoiding cumbersome burdens.. ESOA members primarily provide connectivity and internet access, without knowledge of or control over the content passing through their networks. They provide an open and non-discriminatory means of communication and as such should continue not to be subject to any obligation to monitor traffic. ESOA members fully support the continuation of the essential provision stating that certain online intermediaries are not liable for content they transmit or store without playing an active role.

If respecting these principles, ESOA members welcome the increased clarity that the review will bring to the communications ecosystem as a whole.


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