ESOA accepted as market representation partner in 3GPP

She spoke of how satellites already provide vital services, whether as a back-up when terrestrial communications networks are down or overloaded, or to governments for secure communications but also and massively in everyday communications that encourage education, healthcare and equality in unserved and under-connected regions. She also highlighted how satellite can contribute to ensuring key 5G vertical segments benefit from the reach they need to be viable and sustainable solutions. Ms. Holla looked forward to a time where 5G networks would rely on integrated terrestrial and satellite solutions thanks to 3GPP standards, so ensuring reach & robustness of 5G systems.

Whether by bridging the digital divide or through providing communications for high-tech industries, ESOA is committed to a cooperative approach between mobile and satellite players “to accelerate 5G objectives”. In her presentation, Aarti Holla showed how Satellite Use Case Categories for 5G fall in to four main areas:

  • Trunking & head-end feed: high-speed trunking of video, IoT and other data
  • Backhauling and Tower Feed: high-speed backhaul connectivity to individual cells
  • Communications on the Move: high-speed backhaul connectivity to in-motion terminals
  • Hybrid multiplay: high-speed connectivity including backhaul to individual homes and offices

Ms. Holla concluded that the satellite network supplier ecosystem is already pro-actively working in 3GPP to enable the end-to-end integration of satellite into 5G deployments. By becoming an MRP, it is hoped that the experts from the ESOA membership will now find it easier to bring their solutions in to the 3GPP technical standards.

This presentation took place at the 3GPP Organizational Partner (OP) meeting#40, Makuhari, Japan – 18 October 2018. At the meeting the 3GPP OPs approved the EMEA Satellite Operators Association (ESOA) application to be a Market Representation Partner (MRP) in 3GPP.
See details about the partners and what they do at: http://www.3gpp.org/about-3gpp/partners


About ESOA

ESOA is a non-profit membership organisation dedicated to serving and promoting the common interests of satellite operators from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the CIS. The Association today represents the interests of satellite operators who deliver information communication services across the globe. Together ESOA Members provide invaluable communications services to the whole world, including live broadcasting, emergency communications, maritime and aero communications, secure services for governments, 24/7 monitoring of industrial processes such as energy plants, weather forecasting and a whole range of other communications services.