Space Technology Conference

On behalf of Uzbekspace Agency and DIALOGUE we would like to cordially invite you to participate in the inaugural, regional Space Technology Conference, STC 2022, to be held in Uzbekistan’s Capital City Tashkent 10 – 11 May 2022.

Space Technology Conference will bring together the national space agencies from across Central Eurasia and the international space community to discuss investment in space technology for the sustainable socioeconomic development of the region with a focus for 2022 on Satellites and UAVs. The conference and co-located showcase will be held over two days in the 5-star Hilton Hotel and incorporate panel discussions, showcase display stands, one to one c-level G2B and B2B meetings, and networking events.

The global space industry continues to grow apace, dominated predominantly by innovation and investment in satellites, their applications, and services which are all playing an increasingly important role in our economic and social wellbeing. The global space industry’s annual economic value has passed $400 billion and is projected to reach $1 trillion within the next decade. Investment in space industry development, innovation, technology, infrastructure, and expertise must therefore constitute an increasingly important part of our regional economic development strategies.

STC 2022 will provide a platform for the regional and international space communities to meet, network, and discuss market trends and the part they will play in the future of this critically important industry.

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