SmallSat Symposium 2024

Many are predicting that 2024 will bring significant change to the SmallSat market as the broader economic environment brings new insights to the sector.

Rapidly deployable, versatile, low-cost payloads however have already reset the once stagnant satellite market. Now informed investors are looking at satellites, and SmallSats in particular, the way they once looked at silicon chips, personal computers and internet startups.

As the competing forces of a changing capital environment are met by a newly minted agile space economy, how will your company thrive in the next epoch of SmallSats?

Working to provide coherent predictions and the personal connections needed to assure your success in 2024, the SmallSat Symposium is excited to invite the space community back to Silicon Valley for our ninth annual event.

GSOA members should use the code GSOA20 to get 20% discount.

more info, https://2024.smallsatshow.com/, _blank
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