Future of Video India

2024 may well become a watershed year for India with potentially the largest M&A Asian entertainment deal that would fundamentally change the media landscape for this country with over a billion consumers. Will it happen and will there be any other mega mergers?

One of the most dynamic and competitive video markets in the world, India remains one of the few markets where linear pay TV continues to be robust, with streaming also making significant inroads with over 100 million subscribers. The big challenges, however, continue to be monetization, especially in the light of escalating costs even as India continues to build and expand on a growing content industry, and various changes in the regulatory landscape being proposed.

Profitability, ARPU, sustainable monetization models – what are the different strategies to success? How else are organizations generating more revenue? What’s next for the India content industry as new tech like AI/AR continue to being fast adopted by media companies, and will Bollywood regain the dominance it once had? And, is there room still for smaller players beyond the behemoths that will be created by M&As?

The Future of Video India aims to address some of these key questions and look at how business models are changing and adapting in the coming year.

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