Cubesat Vision “Small Satellite, Big Mission”

TUYAD will organize the International Low Earth Orbit Cube Satellite and Small Satellite Conference and Seminar under the name Cubesat Vision “Small Satellite, Big Mission”. Many professionals from the public and private sectors will be present at the event that will take place at the BTK Conference Hall in Ankara on 14th December2023 .

Pointing out that the “Low Earth Orbit, Cube Satellite and Small Satellite” Conference will be one of the most important conferences held in our country with participants from the international arena, TUYAD Chairman Hayrettin Özaydın said, “In this conference, we will review the small satellite ecosystem and the latest developments, and the innovations and opportunities it offers us.” We will evaluate. We will create a platform to explore new directions and learn new technologies in developing small spacecraft. At the conference, we will discuss business development models and methods of opening up to the world with scientists, industrialists, pioneers of the defense industry and expert academics.
“We are building a new environment to listen, talk, meet, learn together, increase business collaborations and establish an international ecosystem.” he said.

Free seminar for low Earth orbit (LEO)
In the seminar, which will be held simultaneously with the conference, a simultaneous training and certification program will be prepared by the chamber presidents under the titles of broadband, internet installation, commissioning, service, sales and marketing in near orbit satellites. This training seminar, which will be given free of charge, will take place within the space departments of Türksat, TUYAD, BTK and relevant universities.

B2B meetings will take place on 15th December

The organization, which aims to bring together international sector professionals, will organize B2B meetings on December 15 by collecting requests from representatives of institutions and organizations who want to meet.

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