3rd National Preparatory Workshop for WRC-23

Preparations for WRC-23 have been going on since the last WRC-19 concluded in Sharm-El-Sheikh in November 2019. While the ITU-R study groups are engaged in developing the first draft of the Conference Preparatory Meeting (CPM) Report, Regional preparations are also going on in all the three regions of the World. In Region 3, in Asia Pacific, the preparations are coordinated by the Asia Pacific Telecommunity (APT). The APT Conference Preparatory Group for World Radiocommunication Conference (APG) has been developed into one of the most important activities of APT. APG was started in 1996 with the objective of harmonizing views and developing common proposals from the Asia-Pacific region for the World Radio Conference (WRC). Mr. R.N.Aggarwal, our Co-chairman and Former Wireless advisor to the Government of India was the first chairman of APG and continued as APG chair for many years and during his leadership, APG has met exemplary success in presenting the views of the region at WRCs.
To support India’s national preparations on key agenda items of WRC-23, ITU-APT Foundation of India (IAFI) is organizing the Third national workshop on WRC-23 on October 21,2021 from 02:30 PM Onwards.
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