30/09/20202 Minutes

The Regional Satellite Operators’ Voice

Discussion of many of the pivotal transitionary trends comprising the continuing evolution of the space segment – HTS as the key enabler for long-term data-centric business growth; improved service provision for new market growth segments such as inflight and maritime connectivity; global expansion of general broadband access; movement from wholesale bandwidth supply to managed services provision; and, the pending competitive offerings of the emergent NGSO players – is often focused around the commercial strategies, technology, and services evolution of the major global FSS GEO operators.

An audience from 55 countries today tuned-in to today’s webinar, pointing to the fact that there is another important grouping of players in the orbital environment which should not be overlooked; indeed, the objective of this webinar was to bring together some of the key “voices” in this industry segment, “voices” which illustrate the agility, and the dynamism, of the segment, “voices” which will get louder as additional regional operators emerge onto the market.

Covering topics and themes relating to evolving GEO satellite technologies and business models, particular reference was made to the participating companies’ positions on:

  • shifting to smaller satellites, digital payloads and electric propulsion, and transitioning away from traditional satellites to HTS and its associated particular growth drivers
  • the biggest challenges in the competitive landscape from the growing number of regional/national satellite operators, and new entrants such as NGSO broadband constellation projects
  • trends towards managed (and/or value-added) services provision, and accelerating rural broadband deployments
  • spectrum and interference, and the inter-relationship of video and data traffic.

Panellists were asked how their respective organisations exemplify and illustrate engagement in these dynamics and in particular were asked about their thoughts on how their respective approaches offers market differentiation.

Watch this video to hear these views as well as the panellists’ answers to about a dozen questions sent in by the very interactive audience using the Zoom Q&A function.