28/09/20222 Minutes

New Space: Will the Bubble Burst?

Panel discussion focused on examining the risks and returns of NewSpace which has attracted many millions of dollars of investment premised on the belief that companies starting in the segment will ultimately generate profits, attracted a diverse international audience.

The glorious rise of space SPACs was the starting point of the dialogue, analysing where these special purpose acquisition companies are now and considering the extent to which the taste for them has “bottomed out”. Thoughts then turned to ongoing strategic consolidation across the space and satellite industry, and the extent to which it is likely to be increasingly evident in NewSpace as well as in the more traditional satellite company arena.

Asking, “What kinds of innovation do we need for the ground segment to stimulate investments and drive growth?”, discussion turned from the industry’s on-orbit assets to the less-often focused Earth stations, with panellists’ comments indicating an overall view that the ground segment needs more accelerated innovation.

Of the many risks faced by NewSpace companies – e.g., delays in technology development, government regulation, tightening of funding, loss of spectrum – orbital debris and its implications for space sustainability is a potentially significant one and the panel considered the extent to which we approaching a tipping point for operational space sustainability and the impact that high-profile space object conjunctions have on space investments. To close the discussion the question was posed, “How important is the continued involvement, and profile, of high net worth risk taking personalities like Bezos, Branson and Musk, to the ability of early or mid -stage New Space companies to attract investment?”

Tune in to the recording of this webinar to find out what the panel thought on this specific point, and to make your own assessment of the future of NewSpace.