15/06/20222 Minutes

GVF Excellence Award Finalists: Celebrating 25 years of progress and contribution to society

The GVF Quarter Century of Excellence Award finalists have been chosen… and now they have spoken.

The executives with the five finalists selected for their 25-years of contributions to the industry and the world, all of them recognised as industry leaders, presented their company’s case for being judged the “Best of the Best”.

A representative of each of the finalists – Natale Lettieri of Eutelsat, Sharyn Nerenberg of Hughes Network Systems, Alison Horrocks of Inmarsat, Stuart Daughtridge of Kratos, Andrew Ruszkowski of SES – spoke online with co-hosts David Meltzer with GVF and Pacôme Révillon with Euroconsult, each offering an initial statement and then answering a round of penetrating questions in support their respective candidacy for the Award.

Watched by a group of independent jurors, as well as by an audience from around the world, the stage is now set to decide on which of the finalists stands out as the winner. The decision of the independent jurors, all of whom have decades of association with the satellite industry, will be announced and the Award presented on 14 September 2022 at Euroconsult’s World Satellite Business Week Gala event which, like GVF, is celebrating its 25th year.

If you missed this event, you haven’t missed out. Click on the button here to view the recording and listen to the five finalists. It’s over to the independent jury now and we await the result of their deliberations.

See you in Paris in September for the big announcement.