ESOA participates in Digital Festival 2016

Presenting a new solution for high-speed trains, Hispasat explained how train connectivity using an advanced hybrid (satellite-4G) system will revolutionize the on-board connectivity experience by bringing passengers video-on-demand, live TV, news and Internet access. A pilot project has been carried out, so demonstrating the benefits of integrated hybrid solutions that rely on satellite to bring stability to the network.

Against the backdrop of massive video consumption, Hispasat also animated a dynamic and interactive session on the Future TV Ecosystem involving Proximus, Nagravision, Amazon and Sky, debating topical statements such as ‘Millenials don’t watch TV’. Satellite remains the most important technology in delivering video content to millions and will continue to bring its efficiencies through integration with terrestrial networks.

Inmarsat presented their ‘black box in the cloud’ service that enhances global aviation safety, very topical in light of recent incidents. In addition to generating a myriad of vital safety information, this satellite-based broadband service can stream real-time, secure flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder information off an aircraft to defined aviation safety recipients such as air traffic control and rescue coordination centres in the event of certain triggers, such as a course deviation or equipment malfunction.

Demonstrating the important role that satellite will have in the ongoing global race to connect cars, Intelsat highlighted how it is enabling enhanced vehicle connectivity through technological advancements in space and on the ground. Profiling the benefits of high throughput satellite designs, Intelsat explained the rapid changes occurring in the sector, such as innovative six-inch antennas composed from metamaterials, suitable for installation in car rooftops.  Providing a secure, scalable and economic solution for the large file downloads required to update operating software as well as mapping for self-driving cars, satellites offer unmatched reach, resilience and multicast abilities that can accelerate adoption of these new technologies.

Innovations however are not just happening on earth but also in space as Airbus Defence and Space illustrated. Airbus Defence and Space talked about their advances in robotics which in time should enable a Digital Space Factory, where higher capacity satellites as well as satellites, telescopes or space equipment can be repaired or built.

Other highlights of the event were sessions by Telecom Sans Frontiers (TSF) who allow migrants arriving in camps in Europe to feel a sense of normality by being able to make use of their own mobile phones thanks to affordable satellite backhaul.  The event ended with a live transmission powered by ESOA and Eurovision of the UEFA Euro 2016 football match between Germany and Northern Ireland accompanied by a SatIP demo enabled by Hispasat that allowed the match to also be watched by event participants live on tablets and smart phones using the satellite signal converted to IP, independent of  any terrestrial broadband network.


About ESOA

ESOA is a non-profit membership organisation dedicated to serving and promoting the common interests of satellite operators from Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the CIS. The Association today represents the interests of satellite operators who deliver information communication services across the globe. Together ESOA Members provide invaluable communications services to the whole world, including live broadcasting, emergency communications, maritime and aero communications, secure services for governments, 24/7 monitoring of industrial processes such as energy plants, weather forecasting and a whole range of other communications services.