World Satellite Business Week

Since 1997, the World Satellite Business Week has been the meeting place for senior executives from all levels of the satellite value chain to meet partners, financers, and clients, making this the annual reference business meeting place for global satellite and space professionals.

As a C-level executive summit, the WSBW has for 25 years served as a quality platform where influential and forward-thinking leaders from international private and public organizations congregate to address critical issues, share insights and best practices, stimulate innovation, conduct business, and shape the future of the industry.

Widely acknowledged as the must-attend event by the industry key players, the WSBW gathers future investors, innovators, clients, and partners under the same roof to facilitate exchanges and deal-makings for decision-makers from all over the world and from the entire ecosystem.

The very essence of the summit is to provide an exclusive setting conducive to making business, finding inspiration and gaining insights to stay at the cutting edge of competitiveness and develop successful business strategies.

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