Satellite 2020

9 – 12 March 2020 / Washington D.C.

The world-class SATELLITE Conference consists of the most relevant and important topics facing both satellite industry and end-users, and gathers a diverse group of thought leaders to share their viewpoints. The format and content are built specifically with you in mind, designed so you can easily chart a path during SATELLITE week that will benefit your business.

The SATELLITE program immerses you in the expansive satellite and space community, with forward-looking themes throughout the sessions, technology and business updates to keep you abreast of trends in the marketplace and technical content that peeks behind the curtain on some of the most innovative advancements in the industry.

Need help navigating the four-day conference, comprised of 70+ sessions led by 200+ technology & connectivity experts? Use the guides to filter through the sessions by type, access or day, and use the search bar to look for a specific speaker or keyword!

more info, https://www.satshow.com/, _blank