Policy Tracker: National Approaches To Spectrum Sharing

17 June 2020 / Webinar

Spectrum sharing has seen intense policy activity in recent years and is unusual because approaches tend to be more country-specific than in most areas of spectrum policy. In this spectrum sharing webinar we examine some of those national approaches with an expert panel of speakers:

  • Martha Suarez, President of the Dynamic Spectrum Alliance
  • Philip Marnick, Ofcom Spectrum Group Director, UK
  • Dave Wright, President of the CBRS Alliance
  • Jameson Dempsey, Government Affairs Counsel, Loon
  • Patrick Van Niftrik, European Satellite Operator’s Association

The webinar will focus on three key topics:

  • The Citizens Broadband Radio Service in 3.5 GHz
    This is launching in the US, but could it work elsewhere?
  • UK: Sharing in existing mobile bands
    Ofcom is taking a unique approach sharing in several mobile bands: 3.8-4.2 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2300 MHz, and part of 26 GHz. Why have they chosen this policy?
  • Sharing in the mmWave bands.
    As  mmWave is released for 5G regulators are debating how best to share these low-propagation bands, both with other terrestrial operators and HAPS companies like Loon.

The National approaches to Spectrum Sharing webinar starts at 3 pm BST (4 pm CET; 10 am EDT) on Wed 17 June. Register here!

We will be holding a further webinar to discuss spectrum sharing in 6 GHz on July 15. More details on that to follow.

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