Indonesia In View 2023

Indonesia seems to have it all: the 4th largest country in the world by population; favourable demographics – a young population with a high number of digital natives; a mobile first market with 188M smartphone users; strong local broadcasters and streaming services and the attention of the international players.

While 2023 has been marked by economic and political headwinds and consumer sentiment is cautious, nevertheless, Indonesia is one of the most competitive video markets in Asia and with local, regional and global streaming services going head-to-head, what’s in store for Southeast Asia’s biggest market?

Following the success of our event in 2022, join us back on 31 August at Indonesia in View 2023 as we hear from some of the industry’s biggest players for a day of discussions dissecting the opportunities for growth in this expansive market, and how the linear and streaming businesses have changed over the last year.

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