AVIA Future Of Video India 2020

10 September 2020 / Virtual

Within the Asian landscape, India, with a population of 1.3 billion, has always been unique. After years of being one of the world’s most important Pay TV markets, a new revolution is underway. While growth in television continues, mobile internet is exploding and creating what could soon be one of the biggest video streaming markets. The entry of more than 30 streaming platforms in a span of barely three years speaks volume about the massive potential this industry has. As we head towards 2021, we’ll take a deep dive into the trends the video streaming industry in India will see play out next year, and what the key drivers of growth will be for both industry players and consumers in this market.
What’s New for 2020?
  • India Video Trends, Forecast and Statistics with the Impact of COVID-19
  • SVOD vs AVOD Models: Battle for the Living Room
  • The Future of Video Streaming: How Technology is altering Business Practices
  • Ideas that Scale: Localising Global Formats for the India Market
  • Consumers and Content in a Mobile Economy
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